Galatians 5:25

"Since we LIVE by the Spirit,

let us keep in step WITH the Spirit"


I will PAUSE do for God and others without an expectation of anything in return, including recognition, demonstrating His unconditional love for us.


I will PAUSE experience the joys of life independent on things going smoothly in my day.


I will PAUSE today...when I find myself frazzled by the turmoil in my life to feel the peace that perhaps this is God's way of changing me for the best.


I will PAUSE accept that the things I desire may not come at a time I expect, knowing that God delivers them in His perfect time.


I will PAUSE serve others with tenderness so that every word and action has His grace in it to those I love and to those who are against me.


I will PAUSE not have my words and actions tainted with worldly language, immoral tendencies, gossip and to believe the best about others.


I will PAUSE look for opportunities to make good on the promises I made to God and others.


I will PAUSE correct others with calm instead of arguing with them in anger and resentment.

Self Control

I will PAUSE today...when my fleshly desires control my life so that I let His Spirit direct me to the things that please God and serves others.